Emily Brower Shares Lessons Learned as a Pioneer ACO

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When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched the Pioneer ACO model, Atrius Health, which has long supported value-based care, jumped at the opportunity to participate. Recently, Emily Brower, our Vice President of Population Health shared some of our chief learnings throughout our journey as a Pioneer ACO.

In an op-ed for MedPage Today, Emily describes how our participation as a Pioneer ACO enabled Atrius Health to integrate Medicare data into a population health strategy that helps us recognize early stages of chronic kidney disease among our patients. In the piece, Emily also describes our engagement with patients and providers around end-of-life care as a result of the Pioneer ACO Model.

Emily also expanded on our learnings in an exclusive interview with FiercePracticeManagement. In the first of a two-part series, Emily discusses how Atrius Health improved care coordination through our population health approach along with further insights about engaging patients in end-of-life care discussions. She also describes our efforts to collaborate with the healthcare community and nurture partnerships with hospitals and shared nursing facilities.

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