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Keeping children’s eyes healthy and safe

Vision is the primary way that we experience the world around us.  It is central to how we learn, how we play, and even how we communicate.  As an eye doctor, one of the reasons I specialized in pediatric eye care is because of the life-long impact that I can make by ensuring that a child has good, functional vision. 

There are several themes in the quest to make sure that kids have good vision. 

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Head Lice: Things that go itch in the night…or anytime, really

Kids are back in school, sharing books, pencils, and jump ropes…and they could also be sharing head lice!

Head lice definitely cause heightened anxiety in parents and schools, but in actuality, they do not spread disease, are not a health hazard and are not a sign of poor hygiene.  Although difficult to accept for those affected, lice infestation is rather benign.  (Of course, the scratching isn’t so easy to deal with!)

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Need an eye exam? Visit our newest location in Burlington

When was the last time you had your eyes checked?  It’s important to get your eyes checked regularly as part of your healthcare routine. 

To make it more convenient for you, we are pleased to now offer optometry services to adults and children at our Burlington practice, in addition to our 11 other locations which offer visual services.

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The Best of Fall in New England

All right, fellow New Englanders: please do not be depressed about this weekend’s forecast of on-again, off-again rain and general gloominess.  If there’s a silver lining (and given the number of clouds about, you should be able to find one pretty readily), it gives you an opportunity to recover from back-to-school insanity or end-of-summer blues (or both) and put together a plan to make sure you can enjoy another amazing New England Fall season!

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Back to School with Food Allergies: What the School Community Needs to Know

Close to 56 million American children are now back to school, settling into new routines and starting another year of learning.  As the school year kicks off, both parents and their children are diving head first into the school social scene: playdates are getting scheduled, after school activities are beginning, and the invitations to birthday parties are soon to arrive.  For many, the school community is central to their social life.  The kids get to know each other,

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Getting Better Together: A Shared Medical Appointment Symposium

For the past three years, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates has offered many patients the option of participating in a  Shared Medical Appointment (SMA).  A SMA is a 90-minute group medical visit with the patient’s doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, and a full multidisciplinary care team in the company of other patients. The patient participates as part of a small group of 8-15 patients who are scheduled for follow-up care or even an annual physical.

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Get your flu vaccination here!

It’s that time of year again – flu season is coming!  Harvard Vanguard practice sites continue to receive shipments of flu vaccine and will schedule appointments for seasonal flu vaccination as long as supply lasts.

We have a flu home page and several pages linked to it that provide lots of useful information and are intended to help you stay informed during the 2011-2012 Influenza season. A key page to visit is the 2011-2012 Influenza Vaccination Program Schedule,

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Share Your Harvard Vanguard Story

Have you had an experience with Harvard Vanguard that you would like to share with others by letting us publish it here on our blog? It could be as simple as the story of a great relationship with your doctor. Maybe you worked with your care team to recover from an injury or illness or made a noticeable improvement in your health. Perhaps you participated in a health education class, a special medical program,

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This Saturday is the American Heart Association’s Boston Heart Walk!

This Saturday, Septemer 10th, employees of the five Atrius Health medical groups – Dedham Medical Associates, Granite Medical, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Southboro Medical Group and South Shore Medical Center – will be participating in the Boston Heart Walk to raise money to support the American Heart Association’s efforts to wipe out cardiovascular disease, the No. 1 killer of all Americans.

The Boston Heart Walk features a one,

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September 5th Labor Day Holiday Notice

On Monday, September 5th, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates will be closed for the Labor Day holiday except for these practices, which are open during the hours listed for pre-scheduled urgent care appointments. Pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology will also be open during the same hours listed.

If you feel you need medical advice or think that you may need to be seen, call your doctor’s office at any time,

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