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How Much Do Kids Need To Eat?

With childhood obesity on the rise in America, it has become increasingly important for parents and children to be aware of how much food to eat at meals and snacks. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid recommends a variety of foods from each of the five food groups every day.

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West Roxbury SMArt Kids: Sugar, sugar, everywhere

Thanks to the West Roxbury SMArt Kids for coming to our session this month and making it great!  It was nice to have some new faces join the group too.  We all learned a lot from our “sugar cube” activity.  The kids estimated sugar content for different sweet beverages by building towers and pyramids of sugar cubes.  Many families were surprised to learn that even 100% fruit juice is packed with sugar! 

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Colorectal Cancer: Prevention is Possible!

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month.  As a gastroenterologist, I urge all of my patients – and work with my primary care colleagues – to get educated about this cancer, as colorectal cancer can be prevented or caught and treated early in many people through the screening tools we have.

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SMArt Kids Burlington: Getting 5 fruits and veggies per day

WOW!  I, along with Julie, our nutritionist, and the entire SMArt Kids staff were very impressed with March 15th’s SMArt Kids Shared Medical Appointment at Burlington!  Both returning and new SMArt Kids were engaged and energetic at our visit.  It was also obvious that participants and their families have been very diligent in tackling their monthly individual goals.  Everyone did an excellent job since February’s SMA.

At our last visit, most children picked one of the group’s five goals,

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Medication Safety at Home

Recently, a number of factors have led to a fairly rapid rise in serious and fatal medication errors occurring in the home.   As our population ages and more and more people are taking multiple medications, studies suggest that many errors are directly related to combining prescription medications from different health care providers who were unaware of all the medications – including over the counter medications and herbal or vitamin supplements – being taken by patients.   

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Springtime in New England: get out there!

This Sunday is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring.  If today is any indicator, it’s not just a meteorological point in time but perhaps an actual happening!  The conversations around Harvard Vanguard seem to reflect common springtime themes: relief that the 8-foot tall snow banks are gone, cautious optimism that last year’s March rainfall levels won’t repeat (please, please, please), talk of March Madness and baseball (a given), and more and more plans to “get outside and do something.”

If we feel that way,

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Japan Tsunami Fund Announced by Atrius Health Foundation

The severe earthquake and tsunami in Japan have left a landscape of indescribable loss and utter devastation. Thousands of people have died, the fates of tens of thousands are still unknown, and hundreds of thousands are homeless.

The Atrius Health Foundation announced Tuesday morning that its Disaster Relief Fund is now accepting donations specifically earmarked to provide assistance to the people of Japan.

The Foundation has been consulting with the Japanese Consulate in Boston and with the Embassy of Japan in Washington,

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Celebrate National Nutrition Month By Eating More!

It’s no secret that most Americans struggle with their weight.  As a nation, we eat too much fat and sugar and far too few foods that provide the nutrition our bodies need. For most people, eating right and maintaining a healthy weight is a yearlong battle, which starts every January with the good intention to eat less.

So here it is March, and as we end an especially brutal New England winter,

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32 Physicians from Harvard Vanguard Make the 2011-2012 Best Doctors in America® List

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates is pleased to announce that 32 of our physicians appear on the Best Doctors in America® list for 2011-12.

This widely respected list, created by Best Doctors, Inc., results from exhaustive polling of over 46,000 physicians in the United States. Doctors in over 400 subspecialties of medicine appear on this year’s list.  In a confidential review, current listees answer the question, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty,

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Harvard Vanguard Achieves High Ratings in 2011 Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) Report

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates proudly announces that its medical practices scored at or above the national 90th percentile ratings in important preventive and chronic care quality measures in the 2011 Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) Quality Insights: Clinical Quality in Primary Care report. 

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